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Jason Best, LCSW



4753 N. Broadway Suite 608
Chicago, IL 60640

Want to know what it's like to work with me? Read below.



 Let's face it: No one goes to see a therapist when everything is going well.  You may be struggling at work, in school, or with your family.  You may be dissatisfied and want to live a life closer to your dreams. You may feel overwhelming sadness, intense anxiety, or mood swings. Perhaps your relationship is struggling with intimacy, jealousy, or intense stress. These things are incredibly hard to talk about sometimes. Many people feel like they can't even turn to friends or family for fear of judgement, or when they do they find that they can't get the support they need. People in these situations can feel incredibly isolated and can worry that their problems are impossible to solve.

Almost all therapy starts this way, with someone feeling alone;  it's my goal to be your ally.  I'll listen, talk to you like a person, and I won't hide behind some professorial demeanor. In our sessions, I'll work with you to figure out the the tough stuff, to be generally supportive and encouraging, and to help you be accountable when you need it. The good news is therapy works! Not only can disorders like depression or anxiety be treated, but the skills people learn in therapy can help people create rich and satisfying lives.



So here is probably where I should make a big confession:  

I am a total nerd


And as a total nerd, I think your brain is awesome! Well, not only yours...the brain in general is fascinating. The brain is the most complex object in the known universe (science fact, not just flowery language), and is constantly changing in response to what we think about, feel, and do. This means that if you know how to do it, you can change your brain through your actions and thoughts. Completely amazing! I am constantly learning new ways to help my patients through reading books, going to conferences, reading websites, and listening to audiobooks. As I learn new techniques, I bring them directly into my therapy sessions. Think of it like a mechanic who teaches you step by step how to make your own repairs; I'll teach you how your brain works, what may be going wrong, and how to fix it.


Irreverent and Funny. 

This work is way way too important to do with a completely straight face. Some times in therapy it's important to cry, or feel your anxiety, or maybe to do the opposite of what you expect you're "supposed" to do. There are other times where it's important to be funny, or to laugh, or to even be a bit silly. I promise to be myself in our sessions, real and authentic with all of the wit and humor that implies.


Direct and Solution Focused.

I am a solution focused therapist, driven to help you with problems that you're struggling with today. We'll only go into those moments of your past that are important to your present.  As we identify problems, I'll teach you skills to manage those problems.  I'll be very clear and direct in my feedback, and will  back up suggestions with lots of examples and anecdotes. Therapy can be complicated, but I will do everything I can to simply and explain difficult concepts until you master them and can apply them successfully to your life.



You're not in this alone. I promise to be accessible outside of office hours whether you're practicing new skills and need a tip, have a success story you want to share, or are just feeling overwhelmed and need a few ideas.  I can be reached via phone, email, or text.