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Being Heard and Recovering from Missteps

When you're angry, hurt, guilty, or shocked, it can be very difficult to hear or see your partner clearly because of your own filter. It is especially challenging if you are feeling angry at yourself or a partner, hurt by your own actions or a partner's, feeling guilty about your actions (whether you're justified in that guilt or not), or just completely flabbergasted by changes in your relationship. People typically have a difficult time knowing even their own mind in these situations. Knowing someone else's mind is almost impossible, which can make it very difficult to solve problems or deal with larger issues.

People make mistakes, and people in relationships are no different. Many couples coming into therapy are coming in because they've made mistakes, because their arguments have gotten too heated, or because they're simply stumped and don't know how to manage complex relationship struggles. Figuring out how to process and learn from past blowups and tough events, and develop stratgies to resolve the current issue and deal with future challenges are some of the potential positive outcomes of couples' counseling. 

My focus in relationship counseling is to help people hear each other. If you can know your own and your partner's thoughts, feelings, and needs, then you can better understand why things happen and can more easily see your way to meaningful solutions. Whether your objective is to deal with mistakes, work toward personal goals, explore new relationship structures, or improve your sex life, listening to one another is a solid first step.


Rebuilding Intimacy

It is easy over time to lose intimacy with those we love and care about the most. Research says that for many people this is right after having children, but there are lots of reasons why a loving couple might fall out of the "habit" of sexual and emotional intimacy. Stress, physical illness, and depression can each be a source of problems. In recognizing this, some couples overcorrect. They create so much stress and pressure about sex that they destroy the intimacy. It makes sense; little is less sexy then worrying about sex. In other couples, lack of sex drive could lead to deeper feelings of inadequacy or a fear that a partner will leave. Often, the best way to deal with all of this pressure is to take it easy! These problems are solvable. I can help you learn to be more patient, take the pressure off, and spend more quality time together - and even very difficult problems can become more manageable. 


Sexuality, Intimacy, and Relationships Without Filters

Every person on the planet has their own unique take on sexuality, intimacy, and relationships. In therapy it's important to be able to accept personal needs and desires while finding ways to grow and connect in relationships. Some of my patients seek out my practice after feeling shut down or blocked in previous therapy due to the personal biases of their last therapist. Some just want the confidence of knowing that they can talk frankly about sexuality and intimacy issues without having to worry about whether I'll be shocked or judge them. Whether it's a couple looking to improve their sex life after having children, a couple interested in exploring non-monogamy, or a couple curious about power dynamic relationships, doing that work with an experienced and caring therapist can help lead to much better outcomes. Often, just being able to talk in a real way - without a filter - about the real issues people deal with in sexual intimacy is hugely therapeutic by itself.